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Buffalo Ridge showcase kick off

Mrs. Shaffner’s second grade class had a blast presenting Castle Pines past, present and future during last month’s showcase.  Left to right: Jake Pocock, Cooper Hibbett, Daxs Shoenbeck, and Dylan Laity.

By Kathy Fallert; photos courtesy of Michele Laity and Meghan McDonald

Friday November 13th was not so unlucky for students at Buffalo Ridge Elementary (BRE) as they held their first showcase of the year.  Showcases are student presentations to classmates and parents with the topics varying by grade level.

Kindies shared how asking questions help them solve problems; first grade held a bake sale to represent their science unit on liquids and solids; second grade presented Castle Pines past, present and future; third grade shared how their perspective on childhood hunger has changed; fourth grade researched why businesses are successful in different regions of Colorado; and fifth graders pretended to be body organs explaining what the organ did and how a specific disease such as Alzheimer’s or diabetes affected the organ.

Ms. Streich’s fifth grade class presented the human body with each child representing an organ.  



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