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Charging your car and mind at the same time

CORE Electric Cooperative and Douglas County commissioners powering the future where people and their pets like to play.


At first reading, it might seem like another business news brief shared by Douglas County officials, but it is about much more than a news bit being pushed out in the local news sites.

The gathering of Douglas County commissioners, Colorado Energy Office representatives and CORE Electric Cooperative leaders at Glendale Farm Open Space was to make a point.

On Tuesday, September 12, the group gathered for the ribbon cutting of the new CORE Electric Level 2 charging station in the northern part of the county.

“Douglas County citizens are some of the largest consumers of electric cars in the state because they know it is green not only for air and water quality but green for their wallets,” said Abe Laydon, Douglas County commissioner.

When you pull up to park, and maybe even take your favorite four-legged friend with you on the 1.6-mile trail at the open space, the eye instantly zeros in on the charging station.  The goal is to meet the needs of Douglas County residents in the areas where they love to spend time.

Twenty six out of every 1,000 Douglas County residents have an electric car and that number is expected to grow.

Expect to see more charging stations popping up as more Douglas County residents plug in.

Laydon continued, “That’s why ensuring our citizens have the charging infrastructure they need is so important.  The county looks forward to a greater partnership with the energy sector on more projects like this in the future.”

This is one of many Level 3 and Level 2 stations this group plans to put up throughout Douglas County in CORE’s service area.  A big thank you went out to Colorado’s Energy Office.  CORE provided the EV infrastructure, which was made possible due to grants under the Charge Ahead Colorado program.  The grant paid for 100% of this charging station.


Article and photo by Karen Leigh




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