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City of Castle Pines Comprehensive Plan update

By Chris Michlewicz

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Potential revisions to the City of Castle Pines Comprehensive Plan could put a greater focus on improving roads and encouraging economic development.

Every five years, the City of Castle Pines takes a look at its comprehensive master plan to see what language might need to be added or adjusted. In recent months, the city’s contracted community planning firm, Logan Simpson, which helped craft the original master plan, has surveyed residents and business owners on their vision for the community over the next 20 years.

The Castle Pines Planning Commission discussed possible revisions at recent meetings after listening to the survey results. City Council is scheduled to hear recommendations for master plan updates during a virtual study session on February 2, but will not take any action at that time.

Miriam McGilvray, who is helping manage the three-phase update process for Logan Simpson, said much of the existing master plan will remain intact, but certain changes in the last five years might warrant minor changes. She said a 9% rise in population, to 11,200 residents, and the construction of 350 new homes since 2015 are among the factors to consider.

During a November planning commission meeting, Commissioner Don Tosby said he believes economic development has declined in the City over the last five years and is disappointed. It’s strategically “something that has to be addressed unless we want to become a pure bedroom community,” he said.

Planning Commissioner Leana Palmer agreed, saying the City should be “putting out that welcome mat and letting people know ‘we want your business here in town. We’re a growing, vibrant community and we’d love to have you here.’”

Planning Commissioner David Goode said there have been conversations about the affordability of housing and how to include a more diverse income level. He said home prices are a “challenge we face in the community.”

Residents and business owners who were surveyed said their top priorities included more amenities in the city, additional restaurants and better road maintenance. The planning commission members agreed that road improvements should be a priority.

The City of Castle Pines has, in recent years, developed master plans for parks and recreation, transportation and trails, and those plans could be incorporated into the comprehensive master plan.

The community will have an opportunity to weigh in on the recommended changes before any final decisions are made, however, specific dates for public hearings have not been determined.

What is a comprehensive plan?

A comprehensive plan is a guiding document that defines how a city envisions the next 20 years and how Castle Pines can get there. It addresses key elements, including land use, community facilities, economic development, transportation and more.



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