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Climbing the corporate ladder from home

Submitted by the Castle PinesChamber of Commerce

Castle Pines Chamber of Commerce member Ginny Wainright has reached the rank of senior manager with SendOutCards, a business concept and service that is changing people’s lives.

SendOutCards are printed, stamped (with a real stamp), stuffed, and mailed by the company for less than a dollar. They are personalized cards with your message and can be in your own handwriting and signed with your own signature!

Wainright attributes the growth of her business to the economy and to her loyal customers who have helped her business to grow. She appreciates the recognition, as only about 10 percent of SendOutCard distributors achieve senior manager status.

According to Wainright , business owners and sales people are finding SendOutCards a positive way to retain and keep track of customers, get referrals, and recoup lost accounts by showing appreciation for their business. Wainright joined the SendOutCards team to add an additional stream of income to supplement her household budget and build time and financial freedom.

For more information about SendOutCards, go to or call Ginny Wainright at 303-688-0685.



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