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Step aside Dear Abby; BRE’s got Buffy!

Ridgeline is Buffalo Ridge Elementary’s online newspaper.  Each month, a student piece will be printed in The Castle Pines Connection.

The Ask Buffy column is an anonymous forum for students to ask questions.

View the online newspaper, visit, click on “Classroom/School Websites” and then on “Ridgeline.”

Step aside Dear Abby; BRE’s got Buffy!

By Buffy the Buffalo (Ridgeline staff reporters)

Dear Buffy, I had a really good friend. We aren’t in the same class anymore. It’s uncomfortable around her. What should I do?
From, Friend

Dear Friend,

I had a really good friend that got into a different class, too, so I can relate to your feelings. What you should do is play with her at recess because the more time you spend with her the more you will feel comfortable. Also, realize that it’s sometimes okay to drift apart. You both have new friends and maybe next year you’ll be in the same class again and get back to how you used to be. This is part of life! Be kind, be friendly, be understanding.

Good luck! From, Buffy

Dear Buffy,
How can I ask a friend to stop following me without hurting their feelings?

Dear Julie,

If you just want some time alone, or want to play with a different friend, maybe you could say “Could I have some time alone?’’ If she says no, then maybe you could tell her or him why you want to be alone. If that doesn’t work you might say, “I’m going to go ask the teacher for help.” I hope you can have some time to yourself. Many girls feel upset when this happens, but it is a normal thing to be upset about!

Sincerely, Buffy

Dear Buffy,
I am tired of picking up people’s liter.
2nd grader

Dear 2nd grader,

I’m sorry that you are picking up other people’s trash; they should be throwing away their own trash. If you don’t want to be picking up their trash when someone drops something you can tell them that they dropped a piece of trash. Hopefully you can teach others to not litter. I know how you feel having to pick up other people’s trash because I’ve had that happen to me and it’s not fun!! However, thank you for taking good care of our world.

Sincerely, Buffy

Dear Buffy,
5th graders are pushing 3rd graders.
From, Lamb

Dear Lamb,

I’m sorry that you are being pushed by 5th graders. Here is a tip: If you’re sure that it was an accident, make sure that he or she knows that they pushed you. If you know that it was not an accident in your best big kid voice say “stop pushing me, please”. If the pushing continues let a teacher know you’re being bullied. I hope the bullying stops!

Sincerely, Buffy



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