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Court Denies Village’s Motion to Dismiss CPN Petition

by Lane Roberts

On Thursday, March 1, Douglas County District Court denied Castle Pines Village’s (VILLAGE) motion to dismiss the petition to incorporate filed by Castle Pines North (CPN).

In the ruling, Douglas County District Court Judge Vincent R. White presented arguments that CPN was in compliance with the applicable statutes.

The motion, filed by the VILLAGE on January 2, identified four alleged defects in the CPN petition to incorporate. Incorporation boundary maps, separating the petition for circulation, forty-acre lot requirement and the desire to be organized as a city or town, were all challenged in the motion by the VILLAGE.

According to the response by Judge White, “The CPN petition substantially complies with the law.”

Although an election date has not been set by the court, the petition will stand and CPN residents will vote on proposed incorporation of the City of Castle Pines North.

“We are extremely pleased by the Court’s ruling on this motion, and we are grateful our petition to ensure that residents of CPN have a voice and a vote on their future remains intact,” said Maureen Shul, CPN Preservation Committee leader and CPN Master Association President. “Now we can continue forward.”

As of press time, the Douglas County District Court had not made a ruling on CPN’s motion to dismiss the VILLAGE’s petition.

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