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CPN Resident Brings New Color to the Community Center

From the left, Jeff Tomczak, Gene Tomczak and Amy Mayo of Show Your Colors

by Terri Wiebold

Flying America’s colors is not only a successful family business for U.S. Air Force veteran Gene Tomczak, but a true passion. Founder of Show Your Colors Flag Company, Tomczak donated the grand 10 x 15 foot American flag that will be flown on recognized holidays from the new T-Mobile cellular flag pole tower at the Castle Pines North (CPN) Community Center.

Tomczak and his wife Paulette started Show Your Colors Flag Company in 1986 from home. Today, Tomczak’s son Jeff operates what has become an international business that has established itself as a leader in offering a complete line of U.S. flags, custom and logo flags, banners, directional signs, pennants and flag poles.

In this time of war when America is reminded of the rights and privileges associated with flying this nation’s flag, there is a family business where the passion has never waned. The Tomczak family has been reminding America of its proud heritage for three generations. This reminder is observed flying from the buildings of government institutions, in the places where Americans work and play, from the front porches where Americans live, and now at the gateway to the CPN community.

“The flag can be a focal point in a community,” said Show Your Colors Flag Company president, Jeff Tomczak. “For Castle Pines North residents, this new flag will mark a grand entrance to the community while sending a strong message of support for America.”

For more information about Show Your Colors Flag Company, call 303-745-9035. Watch for “Old Glory” to make an appearance sometime soon, and give thanks to CPN Stonecroft resident Jeff Tomczak for making it all happen.



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