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CrossFit Loop builds more than muscle; it builds community

CrossFit Loop Castle Rock teens pausing for a moment in their CrossFit class.  From left to right: Riley James, Julia Terry, Gabe Ziegler (CP), Jack Terry, Crossfit Coach Courtney Grant, and Emma Ziegler (CP).

By Lisa Nicklanovich; photos courtesy of Maddie Rudolph

The CrossFit Loop Castle Rock (CFL) community recently rallied around Detective Dan Brite of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, who was shot in the line of duty in September.  A fundraiser brought members together to help with the many medical expenses toward Brite’s recovery.  Renee Ziegler of Castle Pines said, “I’ve worked out all over the world, traveling to gyms near and far, and I’ve never seen anything like this.  CFL is all about bettering peoples’ lives, supporting not just the police force, but military, teens and youth, people with special needs and even elite athletes.”  

CFL had only been open for a month when a fundraiser was pulled together for Denver Police Sgt. Tony Lopez Jr., who was shot multiple times while on duty last year.  Lopez has a life-time membership at CFL now and continues to work out there as he recovers.  Ziegler said, “It gives me goosebumps to see Lopez respected and encouraged like a hero.”

When most people think of CrossFit, they probably think things like intensity, power, speed and competition, but when Ziegler thinks of CrossFit, she thinks of community and the many lessons from CrossFit she brings into everyday life and parenting.  “When you reach down to lift up a laundry basket, you are doing a dead lift, and when you pick your child up, you are doing a squat,” Ziegler said.  The sense of community comes through the intensity of working out together and cheering each other on.  Since everything is timed, there is a sense of a game or competition.  

CrossFit Loop Castle Rock members came together on September 24 to fundraise for Detective Dan Brite who was shot in the line of duty.  Julie Frank does push-ups and Don Terry does sit-ups while Brittany Terry cheers them on.

Ziegler shared a story about how her son Gabe was feeling overwhelmed by the mountain of homework he had for the week.  “What happens when you go into the gym and you see the workout on the board that seems impossible?” Ziegler asked her son.  “You tackle it piece by piece and you chip away at it.  That’s what you need to do with your homework.”  Ziegler added, “This philosophy of chipping away at tasks to get them done, even when you feel defeated or stressed, is from CFL and has helped my children build self confidence and mental and physical strength.  It has changed their lives.”  

Ziegler said, “It’s about being supportive, strong, positive and staying focused on your vision and your mission.”  For more information and to try CFL for a week at no cost, visit

A group of teens in a youth CrossFit class break a sweat as Coach Courtney Grant looks on.



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