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What’s your APPtitude? speaking, this app rocks

By Amanda Merriman

If you have teenage individuals living in your home, you have probably heard of, a popular video-sharing app that has captured the attention of over 80 million users, or “musers” as they are called, worldwide. combines our innate love of music and the desire to connect with like-minded individuals with our secret desire to be a star in a really addictive way.  Musers upload their videos, which are called “musicals” that get rated by other musers.  Musicals can gain enough popularity to become featured videos.  Musers have many creative options at their fingertips.  Favorite songs can be searched for within the app to lip sync to, but your own personal music library can be accessed if you would like to choose a specific part of a song to dub.  Musers can alter the speed of their recordings, add filters, and even have access to a timer and flash function.  There are challenges and duets that can be done, bringing musers together in amusing ways.  There are other options like performing short comedy bits or dramatic scenes to showcase your talents. wants to connect to your other social media apps and makes sharing through these a snap.   When playing around with, my kids and I had a great time being goofy.  The kids loved seeing the videos they created and wanted to watch them again and again!  It is an easy way to have some family fun, putting on a 15-second talent show that you can also happen to share with the rest of the world at the same time.   

Keep in mind that does share your location with other musers unless you adjust your settings accordingly.  Additionally, other musers can message you through the app.   On a technical note, as of press time, advises iPhone 5/5C users to not upgrade to iOS 10 just yet as the app will not work.



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