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Dental practice sets up shop in Castle Pines

By Shaun Kernahan; courtesy photos

Photo of Dr. Rabinovich at her dental practice in the City of Castle Pines

Dr. Rabinovich at her dental practice in the City of Castle Pines, Dental Muse.

It has been just over a year since the Castle Pines community welcomed its newest dental practice, Dental Muse and Dr. Yuliya Rabinovich.

Daughter to a mother who ran a dental practice in her native country of Latvia, it is no surprise Rabinovich found herself entering into the dental world. “She [my mother] never pressured me into it, but it was what I knew,” Rabinovich said.

Rabinovich attended New York University College of Dentistry, and a few years after dental school, started her own practice on the 18th floor in a building in Midtown Manhattan.

Rabinovich tells how the office would fill with sunshine in the late afternoon, and her assistant would get up and close the blinds. It was one April as her assistant got up to close the blinds when she turned and said, “You know this is the first time this year I have had to close the blinds.” It clicked. Rabinovich was tired of all the gray days.

Rabinovich relocated her business from the streets of New York, where she spent the last decade in private practice, to the sun-drenched mountain views of Colorado.

Photo of the Rabinovich family

The Rabinovich family (left to right): Daughter Ava, Dr. Yuliya Rabinovich and her husband Oleg, son Lev and oldest daughter, Nina.

Her husband, Oleg, an optician by trade and handyman by hobby, did much of the buildout of the revamped dental office, located in the former Safeway shopping center.

Following the move west, the Rabinovich’s oldest daughter, Nina, was experiencing trouble sleeping. After working with a sleep specialist without finding a solution to the problem, Rabinovich turned to her colleagues, only to discover how intimately tied the mouth is to sleep. She is now passionate in assisting those with sleep issues and has added airway dentistry to her practice of general and family dentistry.

Airway dentistry is a growing field focused on how the size and shape of the mouth can impact one’s breathing. Mouth breathing and teeth grinding, among other symptoms, can be a sign of sleep-disordered breathing. Dental Muse works with oral appliances, a simple non-invasive treatment option for patients dealing with a variety of conditions like sleep apnea and teeth grinding.

In addition, Dental Muse provides a full array of dental services for the entire family. It provides traditional dental services like cleaning and prevention, as well as cosmetic dentistry and the newest technological advances in the industry – including digital X-rays, which reduce radiation exposure for the patient.

Rabinovich said she strives to provide the most conservative treatment in every situation.

Having opened the Monday before Thanksgiving in 2019, it has been a tough first year with the impact of COVID-19. Rabinovich says she feels safer in her dental office than any other public place, thanks in large part to the new air purifiers she had installed.



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