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Design showroom opens in Castle Pines

By Julie Matuszewski; photo courtesy of Dan Notartomaso

Photo of Dan Notartomaso

Owner Dan Notartomaso prepares to open the doors to his new showroom and design center Oak and Iron Design Co., located next to Duke’s Steakhouse in the City of Castle Pines. The design center brings custom cabinetry, counters and locally handcrafted furniture to the Castle Pines community.

Duke’s Steakhouse has found itself a new neighbor. Nestled between the well-known Douglas County restaurant and other vibrant Castle Pines businesses located in the Village Square shopping plaza, Oak and Iron Design Co. is a place like no other. It is a design showroom that provides customers a one-stop consultation shop – a space where interior home and business dreams come to life.

What started with an idea from Pinterest and a friend asking, “Can you make that?” “Yes,” was the resounding answer that changed the business path for Peak Custom Construction owner Dan Notartomaso.

A small custom general construction company, Peak Custom Construction specializes in full wood cabinetry, counters and locally crafted furniture woodwork, as well as upgrades to residential and commercial properties. With Oak and Iron Design Co., designers and their clients can now meet under one roof to find the exact pieces that work in their home or commercial design.

“The design center has been a long time coming. We needed to help close the vision gap that some of our clients have. If clients can see and feel the quality of the products we provide – the trust that builds for the client makes the entire process a lot more enjoyable for everyone,” said Notartomaso.

With 20 years in the business of home décor, planning and building, Oak and Iron Design Co. is committed to the community it serves and strives to build a deep network of local connections. Their business model allows them to act as a resource for both product and contractor resources, helping bring a customer’s dream to reality. Focusing on the product side of remodeling as well as being an integral part of the new build process, the design center is a space where ideas are blended with inspirational materials for all areas of the home and business. For additional information visit



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