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Distinguished Improvement Award

Article and photo by Sarah Bermingham, RCHS intern writer; courtesy photo

Photo of TTE Principal Michelle Radke whose school received the Colorado Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award.

TTE Principal Michelle Radke was among the educators whose school received the Colorado Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award. This award recognizes the school’s hard work toward academic improvement.

Both Rock Canyon High School (RCHS) and Timber Trail Elementary (TTE) received the Colorado Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award for 2019. The award recognizes schools with outstanding student growth rates. RCHS is one of only three high schools in the state to receive it. This impressive achievement reflects the dedication to student success and educational growth present in both schools.

The award recognizes improvement in academic and postsecondary readiness scores over three years. This includes the College Board’s SAT Suite of Assessments and Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS). An improved graduation rate is also considered. Both RCHS and TTE excelled in these areas of student growth and the award reflects the schools’ hard work and dedication to student success.

Photo of Rock Canyon High School Principal Andy Abner

RCHS Principal Andy Abner proudly stands next to a poster for the Colorado Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award, of which RCHS was a recipient.

RCHS saw the most growth in its special education students. These are students who have an individualized education plan (IEP). The outstanding academic improvement within this group of students is thanks to the tremendous effort of everyone involved in the RCHS special education program. RCHS principal Andy Abner said, “This award is a great recognition of the hard work of our special education students, staff and parents who have helped their students experience tremendous academic growth.” This recognition celebrates their hard work and success.

RCHS and TTE have done an amazing job promoting student growth, and this award highlights their continued commitment to support success in the classroom.



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