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Dynamic doctor duo launches skin care serum

Co-creators of Stripped Skin Science Jen (left) and Rachel (right).

Over drinks a few years ago, two friends were discussing the need for skin care products without chemicals. They pondered, “We try not to eat foods with unnecessary preservatives or chemicals, so why would we want to slather preserving chemicals all over our skin?”

The idea grew to the creation of a business, Stripped Skin Science, and the development of a product, The Essential, which is launching this month.

Rachel and Jen (who both asked that their last names be withheld) have extensive scientific and medical training between them, specifically in stem cell and clinical trial science, which made it important for both of them to put scientific data behind their product. Jen is a physician with a medical degree from the Mayo Clinic and Rachel has a master’s of science in molecular biotechnology and a Ph.D. in medical clinical science.

“We looked at growth factors that are important to keep your skin looking young, and we played around with it for two years,” Rachel explained, adding that she knew people in the neighborhood with super sensitive skin and wanted to create a product they could use.

Stripped Skin Science ran a full clinical trial and collected safety data just like any pharmaceutical company would do to test the efficacy and safety of the product. Rachel, who has lived in Castle Pines on and off over the last 30 years, is proud of the fact that all the research and development was done here.

“We had a very diverse study population across the United States for our clinical trial, but we were fortunate to have a handful right here in Castle Pines,” Rachel stated. “We tested early product iterations on our loved ones in the neighborhood, so it has been this community that has helped get us to where we are today with launching a commercial product.”

The Essential is an organic product that combines cold-pressed oils (almond, primrose, apricot, to name a few) plus stem cell growth factors which the website claims, “delivers maximum levels of nutrients your skin deserves.” Since the product is “stripped” of any artificial stabilizers, it does not have the shelf life of store products. It is made fresh at the beginning of each month and shipped on a subscription basis.

Several Castle Pines residents took part in a clinical trial for Stripped Skin Science, a business created here in the community. Study participants (left to right): Marvinetta Hartwig, Minda Marshall, co-founder Rachel, Michelle Stutler and Diane Kilian.

“It has truly taken a village to start this company, and I am so incredibly grateful to our friends and family here who have supported us along the way,” Rachel shared. “Castle Pines has been the backdrop – from inception to commercialization,” Rachel said. Even their humorous and clever video on YouTube introducing the company and their product was filmed in Castle Pines. It can be viewed at watch?v=QKaUp26TMn4. For more information, visit




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