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Motor vehicle registration fees increase effective July 1

Information provided by Douglas County

Effective July 1, Colorado citizens will pay a higher motor vehicle registration renewal, the result of Senate Bill 09-108, which adds an annual road safety surcharge and a bridge safety surcharge to each motor vehicle registration renewal, based on the weight of the vehicle.

The bridge safety surcharge fee included in the law will be phased-in over a period of three years. The average car will cost an extra $32 the first year, $36.50 the second year and $41 the third year. Owners of other vehicle types will experience similar staged increases over the three-year period.

In the first year, motorcycles and very lightweight vehicles will increase by $22, an average pick-up truck will increase by $39.50 and larger trucks/SUVs will increase by $51.50 to $55. This fee will also be extended to utility and camper trailers based on weight.

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