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Parks Authority Continues to Explore Options for Future Parks in CPN

by Lane Roberts

The Castle Pines Parks Authority Board members continue to explore pros and cons of future park development options for the community.

The proposed development of the northern portion of the Lagae Ranch by HF Holdings, LLC, introduced another potential park option for the Parks Authority. As a result, the Parks Authority temporarily placed plans for Castle View Park on hold.

Lagae Ranch is the 240-acre parcel located adjacent to HOA1 and behind King Soopers off Lagae Road. Preliminary plans for the parcel could include several ball fields, playgrounds, walking paths and other recreational facilities.

Castle View Park was previously planned to be built in the open space on the corner of Castle Pines Parkway and Yorkshire Drive. The Parks Authority is now exploring if the building of Castle View Park would adversely affect the Lagae Ranch park plan.

Without knowing the cost of the Lagae Ranch park, the Parks Authority is trying to determine if they can afford building two parks. The board is also considering various other aspects such as costs for Lagae Ranch park, whether or not to modify the plan for Castle View Park, and whether or not to wait to see if Castle Pines North residents vote on incorporation.

Until a decision is made by the Parks Authority, the land designated for Castle View Park continues to remain as open space.

Parks Contributions –

The Castle Pines North Master Association contributes 70 percent of yearly HOA dues to the Castle Pines Parks Authority. Of the $216 in annual HOA dues collected from CPN residents, $151.20 is contributed to the Parks Authority to fund future parks.

“Each resident in CPN makes a contribution each year to the Parks Authority and we want to make sure these funds are spent wisely,” said Maureen Shul, Master Association Board President. “So many factors are being considered to ensure that the Parks Authority Board makes the best decision for our community and this group really needs our patience as they sort through all the options available.”

To date, the Parks Authority almost $3 million allocated in a fund for future parks. Until a park is built, the money in the Parks Authority fund earns approximately $10,000 per month in interest.

To voice opinions regarding the development of future parks in the community, please send comments to Contact by email. All comments will be shared with the Parks Authority Board.

Monthly Parks Authority meetings are open to the public and are typically held on the third Thursday of the month at 8 a.m. at the Community Center, 7404 Yorkshire Drive.



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