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Performing Good Manners

Graphic of Thoroughly Modern Manners

Dear Readers,

Isn’t it exciting? Concert season is here! Can we talk about concert etiquette and why it is important? Concert etiquette exists to ensure everyone has an equally good time. You’ve made the plans, you’ve paid a small fortune for the tickets, and you’re hopeful that this concert will be all you’ve dreamed of.

Be prepared and organized: Go to the website, find out if you can bring in food or drink. Know where your tickets are located. Have your ID ready if you need to. Leave that big bag at home.

Don’t push: It is beyond rude to push ahead, especially with a group, and it is disrespectful of the people who got there early and took time out of their day to get a place close to the stage.

Stop talking: Of course you paid to see the show, but everyone else did too. And they came to see and hear the performer, not you.

Put down the phone: It’s a hard one, but how about a quick pic or a short video. Phones don’t have to record the entire concert. It’s annoying.

Think before you start singing. Gauge the vibe. Is it a singalong kind of show or are you trying out for The Voice?

Dancing: It’s fine to dance at shows as long as you are not invading other people’s space. And keep a good grip on your drink if you have one. No one likes having a drink spilled on them.

Don’t be the drunk. Period. It’s fun to have a few drinks and enjoy the band you came to see, but getting drunk is distracting to others.
ALWAYS plan for safe transportation home.

Big Love,

Mrs. Abramovitz




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