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Results of City’s Community Survey

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The City of Castle Pines conducted its 2022 Community Survey, with residents able to participate online from September 21 to October 4. Of the 12,298 residents in Castle Pines, 907 participated in the community survey – for a participation rate of approximately 7.3%. Compare that to the 751 residents of Castle Rock who participated in its 2021 community survey against Castle Rock’s population of over 76,000 – a participation rate of only 0.9%.

Castle Pines community survey participation means better information for city council and staff. Ninety-nine percent of respondents indicated fire protection/paramedic services and street maintenance were very important or somewhat important city services, while 68% answered that city events and gatherings were important city services. The lowest rated service of importance was the city municipal court, garnering only 57% of residents saying the court is a very or somewhat important service.

Residents were split equally on the question of whether they think Castle Pines is headed in the right direction or if things are off on the wrong track, with 34% of residents indicating “right direction” and 34% indicating “off on the wrong track.” Thirty-two percent of residents indicated they were unsure or had no opinion about the direction of the city.

While 82% of residents indicated they feel safe in Castle Pines and 81% indicated it’s a good place to raise a family, only 21% of respondents felt Castle Pines is a good place to find a job. Only 13% indicated it is a good place to start a business. Seven percent indicated it is a good place to shop.

Survey results were presented to the City Council at its October 26 meeting. The presentation honed in on common themes, including why residents indicated Castle Pines might be heading in the wrong direction. Of those who indicated they felt things are headed in the wrong direction, city staff listed road repairs, growth and water issues as some of the top reasons. A statement from the City indicated council and staff will use the survey to manage priorities and address concerns in the coming year.

By Bear Rothe




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