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The Food Lab – Fruity Turkey Kabobs

Article and photos by Lisa Crockett

Fruity Turket Kabob

~ Assorted fruits in bite sized pieces:
(reserve one piece of cantaloupe)
Seedless grapes

~One pear (red or green), halved
~Cake décor candy eyes (available at craft and grocery stores)
~12-15 wooden skewers
~One whole cantaloupe
Slice the bottom of the cantaloupe to create a flat, stable surface, and place on a serving platter.

This is the body of your turkey. Skewer all fruit except the raspberries on 10-12 of the skewers, following the same order for each skewer, leaving about half an inch at the top of each skewer exposed (this makes it easier to position each kabob). Using one of your remaining skewers, attach a pear half to the front of the cantaloupe to form the turkey’s face. Leave a bit of the skewer exposed and place reserved piece of cantaloupe over the skewer to form the turkey’s beak. Rub a tiny amount of water on the back of cake décor eyes then place them on the turkey’s face. Poke each fruit kabob in the turkey’s body, spacing evenly as you go. When all kabobs are placed, top each “feather” with a raspberry. Serve immediately or chill for up to a day.



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