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The magic and mystique of black cats

By Julie Matuszewski; photo courtesy of Michelle Post

Photo of Cori and Cali black cats.

Although initially not friends, Cori (top) and Cali (bottom) now enjoy being together.

Black cats have long served as objects of superstition. In Medieval France and Spain, black cats were considered bearers of bad luck and curses to any human they came near. They were commonly associated with witchcraft, while Medieval Germans believed themselves to be cursed if a black cat crossed their path from left to right. In many other cultures, however, black cats have served as symbols of luck. They are thought to bring good luck in Japan, and in ancient Egypt, black cats were worshipped as sacred.

Cali and Cori are two black cats that are loved by their owners, Michelle and Larry Post. Although they both look the same with their solid black coat of fur and light green eyes, they are not related and are uniquely different with their own distinct personalities.

Cali was 10 months old when the Posts adopted her from the Colorado Springs (COS) Humane Society following the loss of their 16-year-old gray tabby, Hunter. It was 15 years ago that Michelle was strolling down ‘Cat Alley’ at the COS Humane Society when she noticed Cali. As Michelle placed her hand on the glass of the cage, Cali extended her paw to meet Michelle’s hand. In that moment, Cali became a permanent member of the Post family.

Cali is very vocal. When patted, she makes happy sounds until she starts a guttural growl to say she has had enough. Cali loves to be chased down the hall then up the stairs, where she stops on the same stair every time. The Posts call it “playing the Cali.” According to Michelle, Cali’s other favorite activity is to be held and loved on. “She lets me hold her like a baby,” said Michelle.

Cori was the same age as Cali when the Posts adopted her from the PetSmart in Monument. It was love at first sight for Larry and Cori. When Cori was introduced to her new home, she and Cali did not get along, and the Posts other cat Alex, tolerated her. It was not long until Cori became a daddy’s girl. When Larry returns from work, Cori is up on the counter to greet him with affection. When Larry watches TV, Cori watches too while being held. Unlike Cali, Cori does not talk much but does purr loudly.

Both cats love any type of mouse toy. Cali has the loudest meow, while Cori is the jumper and chaser of the two. The pair make the perfect pets for the Posts, and they have brought so much love into their home with their fun, playful and curious personalities. They are protectors and caretakers, cheering Michelle and Larry up when sick or sad or when it is time to take a break from work to relax.

Although black cats are a classic Halloween symbol, these two magical felines will enjoy the holiday indoors, treat themselves to a toy box filled with play mice, and enjoy the warm laps and love from their owners.



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