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What is Suspicious Activity?

Some obvious things that may indicate a crime occurring or about to occur:

An unknown person running from your neighbors house carrying merchandise
A stranger entering your neighbor’s house when you know they are gone
Anyone forcing entrance to, or tampering with a residence, business, or vehicle
Persons being forced into vehicles
Anyone peering into cars and trying the door handles, may be looking for things to steal or to steal the car itself
Open or broken windows at a residence where you know the owners or gone

Some NOT SO obvious things that may indicate a crime is occurring or about to occur:

A vehicle driving slowly in your neighborhood, at night, with no lights on
An unknown vehicle driving in your neighborhood, slowly, stopping briefly to look at house, especially those with garage doors that are left open
Offers of merchandise at ridiculously low prices can mean stolen property
Unusual noises such as gunshots, screams, abnormal dog barking, etc.
Parked cars with occupants that remain in the car for an unusual amount of time
Abandoned cars
Unknown person loitering around schools, parks, seclude areas or in neighborhoods
Solicitors in your neighborhood (suppose to have visible registration card from the Sheriff’s Office)
A beam of flashlight in your neighbors home

What to tell us when you call:

What, when, where, anyone hurt?
Description of person and or vehicles, try to get license plate if can be done safely, direction of travel
Be a good witness, not a hero or even a victim
9-1-1 in emergency, if non-emergency 303-660-7500



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