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WyldLife of Douglas County

By Julie Matuszewski; photos courtesy of Anna Spitzer

Photo of kids at WyldLife camp a high-energy and nonstop fun time.

WyldLife camp was a high-energy, nonstop fun and incredible weekend where all kids and leaders unplugged from their daily grind to enjoy a weekend together.

WyldLife is a Young Life Christian ministry group geared toward middle school students. It is often called a party with a purpose, and all Douglas County middle school kids are invited for a few hours of fun and conversation about what matters in life.

This year’s winter camp was a place where kids were able to take their friendships to the next level and grow in their faith together while being adventurous.

Anna Spitzer, a WyldLife staff member said the camp was an opportunity where kids could truly experience the fullness of life that God has for them, unplug, ask questions, get answers, and see amazing things happen. Middle schoolers are faced with more change than any other age group. “The WyldLife community has become such an important place where kids can attend the club and be part of a community where they feel welcomed and loved while having a fun and crazy time together,” Spitzer continued.

Photo of Forty-three Douglas County WyldLife students at camp.

Forty-three Douglas County WyldLife students escaped the pressures of everyday life with a little messy fun over a three-day winter camp at Crooked Creek Camp located in Fraser, Colorado.

Douglas County WyldLife kicked off in August with biweekly club meetings held throughout the fall semester. Kids had the opportunity to meet new friends from their home schools as well as from surrounding areas. The group was able to build friendships alongside Rock Canyon High School senior students and adult volunteer leaders while having fun and learning more about their faith along the way.

WyldLife is rapidly growing. Currently there are leaders at Rocky Heights Middle School and the organization has a goal of having a presence at all Douglas County middle schools.

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