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A brunch of blessings for RHMS sixth graders

Article by Amy Shanahan

Every year around the holidays, Rocky Heights Middle School (RHMS) sixth grade teacher Stacey Winsor organizes a “Blessings Brunch” for the students on her team. It is always a very special day for the kids and their parents or guardians, with this year being no exception! The parents or guardians of each child on the team are asked to put together a small presentation about their child, and the presentations are made to the whole team and their parents over brunch.

Parents create videos, posters, works of art, and all kinds of creative memories for their kids. It’s very emotional as each child experiences a few moments of praise and recognition about what makes them so special.

“I love it! It is truly a remarkable day when we get to all be together, eat together and share publicly how special we are to our families,” says Winsor. “The day is so special! We share recipes, memories, special mementos and lots of tears and laughter. Writing down how special someone is to you makes such an impression on them!”

This is the eighth year that Winsor has made this effort for her students. Each year it goes down as one of the most memorable days for everyone involved.



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