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A variety of talent

Trevor Christensen and Zach Johnson performed a song and dance that was a crowd pleaser. They performed Tim Hawkins’ YouTube-inspired “Chick-fil-A” song.

Article and photos by Julie Matuszewski

The annual Timber Trail Elementary (TTE) variety show hosted 21 acts of talent during this year’s performance. Ribbon dancing, gymnastics, hula hooping, vocals, instrumentals, diabolo yoyo and comedy skits left the audience talking and laughing for days. This year, 30 students from all grade levels stepped out of their comfort zone to perform for two full audiences. Entertained by the talent, audience members laughed, danced and cheered as these students proudly showed their true talents.

Every year, TTE sees a wide variety of acts with new performers and many returning performers. Some students had been practicing their skill for years while other students were inspired to try something new. Bryson Prewett was new to the stage and said he was nervous he would mess up his act. Once he walked on stage, his glowing suit and diabolo yoyo moved to every thumping techno beat. Tired after his performance, Prewett said it was the best time of his life!

Cooper Lin astonished all with his hula hoop moves to “YMCA”, “Macarena” and “Gangnam Style.”

All students that participated in the variety show attended auditions. Auditions have always been a fun experience for the show committee. As the committee watched each individual and group act, they learned more about TTE students and the talents they possess.

Variety show committee member Jennifer Carpenter said one of her favorite things about the show was to see the involvement of all the students in the show. The emcees collaborated to write their own script, stage crew powered together to haul the piano, mats, and sets on and off without much help. Performers offered each other backstage support with hugs and words of encouragement when it was their turn to hit the stage. The support didn’t stop backstage, as many were happy to sign autographs after the evening performance.

Bryson Prewett lit up the stage with his high tech diabolo moves.



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