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A veteran, businessman and working on retirement

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John Martin is retired but maintains a consulting business for sales and logistics.

From the small town of Venus, Texas, to the corners of Asia, and finally, to the heart of Colorado, John Martin’s story is one of relentless service, adventure and respectable work ethic.  A retired businessman, father and veteran, Martin has lived a life marked by commitment and change.

Born in 1944, Martin was one of 11 children, and the sense of cooperation and responsibility he learned growing up in such a large family shaped his journey.  In 1962, at the age of 18 and between the drafts for the Korean and Vietnam Wars, he chose to join the Army Reserves.  He was married the same year.

His military service saw him called up for active duty amidst the Vietnam War.  “While I was doing my summer training, they activated my whole unit,” Martin said.  “They said go home and pack and get back here.”  He was subsequently dispatched to California’s Monterey Peninsula for jungle training in 1964.

The Army later asked him to stay on the West Coast for a year and help troops returning from Vietnam.  “Something had to be done for the people coming home,” Martin said.  “They deserved some help.”  His assignments involved helping soldiers reintegrate at home and screening for soldiers who needed more serious assistance.

After his military service, Martin embarked on a career that would span five decades and take him to nearly every country in Asia.  Martin worked in sourcing and manufacturing supplies for construction and infrastructure projects.  “My father told me to get a job, have a family, and stay out of trouble.”

Martin lived in six different states while spending significant time overseas; then, in 1986, he and his wife settled permanently in what would later become Castle Pines.  They raised their daughter here.


“My father told me to get a job, have a family, and stay out of trouble.”


Since retiring in 2018, Martin has remained active, focusing on maintaining his health and staying engaged with his community.  The proximity of a VA hospital has been a comfort as he navigates aging, but when asked what he is doing in retirement, Martin answered, “working.”  He maintains a consulting business for sales and logistics that leverages his decades of experience in the construction trades.

soldier from the 60s

John Martin at Fort Hood, Texas circa 1963 at the age of 19.

A regular attendee at Canyons Community Church, Martin is also involved in facilitating a veterans discussion group.  Although it does not have an official name, it is often referred to as the “Castle Rock veterans breakfast.”  This group allows veterans to share their experiences, discuss their concerns, and support each other; Martin spearheads their conversations.

Martin’s life is a testament to service, hard work and the power of community.  From a small-town Texan to an Army Reservist called up for duty, global businessman and valuable community leader, his story is a compelling tale.


Article and photo by Bear Rothe; photo courtesy of John Martin


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