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After School Programs Filled with Opportunities

By Julie Matuszewski; photos courtesy of Brycie Strother DCS Montessori

Future engineers Haylan Mitzelfelt (left), Ben Swanson (center) and Corbin Duran (right), use their imaginations and the engineering design process to develop their original construction during the LEGO engineering class.

After school programs are an essential resource for school-aged youth because they support social, emotional, cognitive and academic development. These programs provide a safe, supportive and fun environment for students.

The DCS Montessori (DCSM) After School Programs (ASP) benefits both staff and students. ASP gives teachers an opportunity to share something they love outside of classroom learning while students, preschool to eighth grade, can explore their creativity through a variety of classes such as art and coding, or they can participate in other activities from outside resources, including Soccer Buddies, Starstruck Academy of Dance, KidzArt and Strategic Chess.

Parents can also enjoy the convenience the program provides. They can know their children are in a supervised and safe environment. Snack and social time are provided before classes begin, and the program removes the need for parents to transport their children to similar programs from outside resources.

Elisa Smith (left) and Evie Razem (right) attend crochet class where their hand-eye coordination was strengthened. They also learned to be patient, as each project such as their pillows took time.

The DCSM program has expanded to offer a larger number of classes and variety to students. Several classes are available after school each day. Teachers are welcome to teach once a week on a quarterly basis. Teachers like DCSM art teacher Sam Carstens change topics for each session. Carstens has enjoyed offering classes in movie makeup, ceramics and gardening.




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