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Maureen Shul attended the May 11th Citizens Advisory Committee Meeting at Centennial Airport, where the noise reports/complaints for March, April, and year-to‑date were given.

In March of this year, there were 402 noise complaints. It should be noted these complaints came from 50 households (with 5 households accounting for 76% of the total complaints).

In April, there were 343 noise complaints, coming from 48 households (with the top 5 households making up 72% of total complaints).

For year‑to‑date, the airport has received a total of 1385 complaints from 95 households, with the top 5 accounting for 77% percent of total complaints (and the top one of those 5 accounting for 41%).

The SW Lone Tree area is reporting in the most noise complaints, with the NW area that includes Greenwood Village having the most households reporting in complaints.

The Part 150 Study, containing recommendations that would help with the noise situation in our area, has been before the FAA since August of 2003. When it will be sent back here for the 180‑day public input period is anyone’s guess at this point, though some are optimistic it will be later this year.

When the 180‑day public input period is set, information should be distributed via E‑mail alerts, website, and the Connection as to how CPN citizens can voice their noise complaints.

In the meantime, citizens can call in noise complaints to the Centennial Airport Noise Complaint Line at 303‑790‑4709.

As for low‑flying aircraft, those complaints can be called into Centennial Airport at any time. Aircraft are required to fly no lower than 1000 feet. If planes are so low you can read the ‘N’ number on the aircraft, that would be all that is needed in order to issue that aircraft a violation.

For more information on this issue, please contact Maureen Shul at 720‑733‑0491.



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