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Airport Noise Reduced

Airport Noise Reduced as Centennial Completes Runway Construction

Centennial Airport recently completed major runway repairs which temporarily impacted aircraft flight patterns this summer. Officials at Centennial expect noise levels to be reduced in CPN now that runway construction has been completed.

During the construction project, aircraft noise increased in the CPN area due to necessary runway changes, and the re-routing of several flight paths.

Now that the project has been completed, CPN residents are urged to continue to report any issues related to severe aircraft noise or extremely low-flying planes. Aircraft noise from Centennial Airport is still an issue throughout the South Metro area. The Federal Aviation Administration, (FAA), is tracking the complaints received from various parts Douglas County, and may make changes to flight patterns to accommodate noise concerns.

CPN Master Association Vice President Maureen Shul has been monitoring the FAA’s process. “While overall noise complaints in the South Metro area have decreased slightly, complaints from CPN residents have increased,” said Shul. “We need our residents to continue to report any noise issues so that our area is represented properly when the FAA makes decisions about flight patterns for Centennial’s future.”

Residents can report air traffic complaints to the Centennial Airport Noise Complaint Hotline at 303-790-4709. Air traffic at Centennial includes the majority of private planes and corporate jets flying over our community. Issues related to commercial passenger jets should be reported to DIA. Residents who wish to register aircraft noise over their home may obtain a hand-held noise monitor from the Noise Officer at Centennial Airport.

In addition, Buckley Air Force Base, located in Aurora, is home to an F-16 Fighter squadron that frequently provides homeland defense to the Denver area which often creates noise in CPN. Complaints about military aircraft noise can be routed to the FAA or Buckley Air Force Base.

For more information about Centennial Airport visit their web site at:
An article recently appeared in the Denver Post regarding Centennial Airport. Click here to read the article in its entirety.



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