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An Important Message from the CPN Master Association

Get the Facts Before You Vote

Dear Castle Pines North Residents:

For almost a year, our community has explored the proposed incorporation of Castle Pines North (CPN). Last December, the Master Association formed the Castle Pines North Preservation Committee in an effort to determine if incorporation of our community is economically feasible. It has been a long and difficult process, but one that CPN could not simply ignore.

Our efforts began following Castle Pines Village’s petition to incorporate which included the business district in our community. Their plan included imposing a sales and property tax on local CPN businesses to benefit their community. Their efforts prompted CPN to take a close look at our future.

As part of this ongoing process, the Preservation Committee worked to reach a revenue sharing and settlement agreement with Castle Pines Village this summer. The Committee also retained CH2M HILL OMI to complete an economic feasibility study for CPN.

Since last November, more than 14 community meetings have been held on this issue. In addition, three special editions of The Connection, countless e-mails and web and newsletter articles have all been distributed in an effort to clearly communicate and inform the residents of our community on every aspect of this issue as we moved forward toward Election Day. Countless e-mails and voice mails received from CPN residents have been responded to with correct and factual information.

Unfortunately, many inaccurate rumors and untruths have evolved during this process.

While there is sure to be healthy discussion and disagreement on any issue this important, we encourage you to educate yourself from the many credible sources available – – not from inaccurate e-mails, flyers, and rumors.

Please take time to review the more than 100 questions posted at And, it is critically important that you take time to clearly understand the four ballot questions that were clearly explained in the last issue of The Connection and in your TABOR blue book. Or, send your specific questions or concerns to Contact by email.

To those concerned that the Master Association has only presented one side of this issue, please understand that the Master Association has in fact remained neutral in this process. Our role has been to present the facts as accurately and comprehensively as they have been researched and presented to us.

As the only advocate for our community, the Master Association has funded this important project. However, brochures, signs, door hangers, postcards or any other “pro” incorporation materials have NOT been paid for by the Master Association.

Everyone in this community has a right to vote on this important issue. If we had not filed a petition to incorporate last December our right to self-determination would have been forfeited. Now, we must look at the facts, move forward and cast our votes.

We encourage you to make an informed decision before marking your ballot. Whatever your decision is on the issue of incorporation, we urge you to base your vote on the accurate and factual information presented.

We invite you to take time to attend a final incorporation meeting set for Monday, October 22, at 7 p.m. at Rocky Heights Middle School, and to make sure you clearly understand the meaning of each ballot question.

Most importantly, make sure you mark and mail your ballot in before November 6.


Maureen Shul, Master Association President

Doug Gilbert, Master Association Vice President



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