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Answers to Frequently Asked Power Line Corridor Questions

Many residents continue to ask questions about Xcel’s power line corridor that runs along the eastern side of our community. CPN Master Association Board Member Bruce Thompson recently answered a few of the frequently asked Xcel questions.

Are the New Poles in Place?

“The new metal power pole installation is now complete and Xcel is working to make repairs to the land within the power line corridor. New soil and seed have been placed in many areas, and Xcel is also making asphalt and concrete repairs.” Xcel expects to be completed with all repairs by the end of the summer.

Will Xcel Remove the Remaining Wooden Poles and Power Lines?

“Xcel already removed one set of wooden poles when they installed the new metal poles. Xcel has already filed an application to take down the middle set of wooden poles and replace them with similar metal poles. The Master Association, along with several residents, recently testified at Public Utility Commission (PUC) hearings. If the application is approved by the PUC, Xcel will replace the middle set of wooden poles in 2009.”

Will Xcel Remove the Smallest Set of Wooden Poles and Power Lines?

“No. The smallest set of power lines are operated by IREA. Currently, there are no plans to replace, or remove these poles. The finished project will be two similar sets of metal poles, with the small set of wooden poles remaining.”

For more information about Xcel and the power line corridor in CPN, please contact the Master Association at 303-482-3078, or e-mail Updates related to Xcel filings and rulings can be found at



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