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Backpack organization

By Catalin Varela

Before your backpack turns into a black hole of despair and causes you a lot of pain, try a few of our tips to keep your load light and tidy.

1). Always pack heavy items closest to your body

That way your backpack isn’t dragging you across the hallway floor.  Pack your text books, binders, and laptop closest to your back and leave the other pockets for smaller items.

2). You NEED a pencil case

We have all been in this scenario: you are sitting in class and the teacher announces that you should be taking notes, so you reach in your bag to find a pen…and find seriously everything except a pen.  If you have a case specifically designated for all writing utensils, this horrible situation can easily be avoided.

3). Don’t let things pile up

I am definitely one to just throw loose papers in my backpack and forget about them.  But if you spend a few extra seconds to put them in a folder, you could make it all the way to May without carrying a trash bin on your back.

4). Plan the amount of books you really need to carry

For most students, it is unnecessary to carry every single book all day everyday.  Maybe you have a different schedule for half the week or maybe your locker is conveniently located between two of your classes.  Whatever the case may be, do yourself a favor and figure out how you can avoid carrying all those books at the same time.



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