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Bailey’s Comet reappears

 By Joe Gschwendtner; photo courtesy of Yvonne Bailey

Photo of Yvonne Bailey and her sous-chef and son, Chase.

Yvonne Bailey and her sous-chef and son, Chase, enjoy time together in the kitchen creating Bouji Bean organic, vegan coffee cakes.

We introduced readers to super-mom and creative fitness guru Yvonne Bailey in May 2018 and happened across her again last week. No surprise, she is still flying high with ideas. With her son, Chase (5), in school, Bailey has lost no time in moving into a new galaxy – kitchen chemistry.

Now launching as Bouji Bean, Bailey is delivering the next generation of organic and vegan coffees, teas and coffee cakes. Meticulously obsessed with personal health and blessed with cosmic energy levels, Bailey is convinced Colorado is ready for uber world-class treats.

Keys to a long life are health and diet – the first things one’s physician discusses before any examination. A lifetime, ultra-cautious vegan, gluten-free and organic eater, Bailey is a purist out of personal necessity. She knows what it has done for her and is convinced she can bring elements of that wellness to market with her products.

Photo of Coffee and cake...yum.

Coffee and cake…yum.

Bouji Bean is intended to do two things for the world of cakes, coffee and tea. First, to make them the finest, vegan items on the market with unsurpassable flavors and aromas, and second, to make eating vegan items more appealing and sophisticated than ordinarily mundane health food.

I can report three cakes later that Yvonne is there, without a doubt. Apparently, there are scores of others who agree with me. For our readers who live in the Village, Bailey will be hosting a free drive-up (or walk-up) sampling of her coffee and cakes on Saturday, October 23 from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. outside her residence at 6831 Northstar Circle.

If people vote with their stomachs, it is safe to say that Bailey’s Comet will be arcing soon in your neighborhood and then, morning routines.



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