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Ballot Failure Leaves CC-20 Without Anchor

by Lisa Crockett

In the wake of the Library District’s failure to receive a funding increase from voters for the second year in a row, hope for the possibility of a library in Castle Pines North (CPN) is growing dim.

The proposed library was to have served as an “anchor” tenant for the commercial development at the corner of Castle Pines Parkway and Monarch Boulevard (commonly known as “CC-20”).

The first building in the development, referred to as “Lot 1” has obtained the necessary planning approvals and is ready for construction, but it is unlikely any building will take place before the second quarter of next year. The development has a total of four planned “lots.” No tenants have been announced for the development, though the South Metro Fire District is looking into options to secure the site for potential future development.

“Construction on Lot 1 will require pre-leasing due to credit market conditions,” said John Osborn of Pinnark, LCC. “It is our desire to begin construction on this building in summer, 2009.” Osborn along with business partner Dennis Carruth, own Pinnark, LLC, and own the parcel. Osborn is also CEO of Village Homes, who previously owned the land.

Like many CPN residents, Osborn is also holding out hope that a library might come to CPN through some alternate funding source, though no such source has yet been established.

“We plan on [holding] discussions with the library district to determine what flexibility we could have to either include them in the Lot 1 building or in a future building on another lot,” said Osborn.

This is the second time voters in Douglas County voted down a mill levy increase to help fund three new libraries – for CPN, Lone Tree and Parker. Osborne says the project will continue to move forward. “We are negotiating sales transactions on two of the lots and expect to finalize them in the early spring of 2009 at which time construction activity would commence on them,” said Osborn.

Current plans for the site include a daycare center, a medical office and some small retail stores.



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