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Be a "G"-enius: Use your GPS to find the hidden letter "G"!

Timber Trail Elementary students Reid and Emily used the GPS coordinates to find the letter “F” on their day off from school. They used Google Maps to find the coordinates, then used the map app on the iPhone to find the exact spot. “I saw the “F” right away!” stated Emily. Reid says that he and Emily will definitely search for more letters. “It’s a fun activity that doesn’t take much time!”

By Amy Shanahan; photo courtesy of Reid and Emily

The Castle Pines Connection Search for ABC Scavenger Hunt continues with the letter “G” this month! See if you can find the hidden “G” using the following coordinates:

Longitude and Latitude coordinates:
39.4667 – 104.9138

Here is a hint: “I know a letter named G, Quite a fine letter is he. He lights the way, But on this wall must stay. Oh where oh where can he be?”

If you find the hidden “G”, take a photo of yourself and be the first to send it to the editor of The Castle Pines Connection by e-mail. We will publish your photo in the November newspaper and you will receive a gift card to Dazbog!

This Castle Pines Connection Search for ABC Scavenger Hunt is inspired by the book “Alphabet Denver.” The author, Kitty Migaki is taking photos and providing the GPS coordinates for this hunt.

To learn more about “Alphabet Denver” or to purchase her book, visit Migaki also recently published a new book “Alphabet Chicago.”



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