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BRE reduces, reuses and recycles for good causes

Savannah and Cassidy exhibiting school spirit and collecting donations curbside at the BRE Clean Your Closets event.

By Lynne Marsala Basche; photo courtesy of Caitlin Streich

The Buffalo Ridge Education Alliance (BREA) along with BRE’s Green Team and the community participated in the first Clean Your Closets for BRE event.  The effort benefited BRE, as well as the Denver Child Advocacy Center, and of course Mother Earth by re-purposing and recycling items that were no longer needed.

The BREA partnered with Sterling & Baxter, an organization that manages recycling solutions, to create a drive that encouraged community participation and taught BRE students about reusing and re-purposing common items from home.  Clothes drives typically do not accept ripped pants, shirts with bleach stains, torn towels, or even underwear, but not only did the Clean Your Closets event accept these items, they encouraged it.  The condition of donated items did not matter because they will be used to make insulation, backing for carpet and other re-purposed items.

BREA co-presidents Lisa Recine and Valerie Miller plan to make Clean Your Closets an annual event and hope participation grows.  “It was amazing to see so many in the community come out and support our drive.  Thanks to the BRE Green Team, donations had curbside pick-up, too!  They made it very easy for busy parents to support our cause,” said Recine.

When the final tally was complete, the Clean Your Closets event collected more than 3,850 pounds of items to recycle.  The Denver Children’s Advocacy Center received $385, and BRE earned $539, which will go towards teacher classroom start-up funds for the next school year.

With a mission to help make an impact in the community as well as the school, the BREA’s Clean Your Closets event met its goals.  Not only did participants get to do some spring cleaning, they also supported a fantastic cause and helped others.  The next time a frayed blanket or a worn-out pair of sneakers is ready for the garbage, put them aside for the next Clean Your Closets drive and help turn trash into treasure.



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