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Buffalo Ridge Education Alliance Plans Fundraisers

The Buffalo Ridge Education Alliance (BREA) has a new approach to fundraising for the 2005-2006 school year. Based on the theme “Empowering Our Children”, the school’s parent group has given each trimester’s activities a purpose that coincides with the overall theme.

Empowering our children through healthy living

The Parent Coffee is scheduled for 9am August 16 in the school’s cafeteria. From September 26 through the 29 the Scholastic Book Fair will set-up in the school gym. This will fall during parent teacher conferences and many fun events are planned. Sally Foster sales will begin October 13 and run through November 7. This is the school’s biggest money maker. On November 5, Buffalo Ridge will host The Rock Slide, the second annual community run previously known as the Buffalo Stampede. Finally, the school cookbook will also be available to purchase before the holidays.

Empowering our children through discovering the cultural arts

The kick-ball game and chili cook-off between Timber Trail and Buffalo Ridge will happen in January. BREA is also planning a cultural event during February.

Empowering our children through fostering positive family relationships

During the month of April there will be a “Family Togetherness Challenge” as well as the Spring Fling and Silent Auction.

For more information about BREA, log on to the school’s website at



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