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Buffalo Ridge Elementary No Stranger to Four-Track Calendar

Buffalo Ridge Elementary (BRE) opened its doors in 1997. By 1998, families were preparing to switch to the four-track calendar. At its height, BRE had over 850 students with three mobile classrooms on a five-track calendar filling the halls of the school. With the beginning of this school year, BRE was able to switch to a traditional calendar. The switch came following the movement of the sixth grade to Rocky Heights Middle School, and students who chose to attend American Academy.

Could BRE switch back to a four-track calendar? At this time it is not anticipated that BRE will switch back to tracks, but a calendar change could be possible in the coming years. Two variables can be expected to bring some increases in BRE enrollment. First, new home construction is still taking place in Castle Pines Village. Second, “empty nesters” or families with older children begin moving out, and new families with young children move in.



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