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Buffalo Ridge Moms Search for Crosswalk Solution

Master Association safety committee members meet with residents at the intersection of Monarch Boulevard and Oxford Drive to discuss ideas for improved safety at the crosswalk at Buffalo Ridge Elementary (Left to right: Carol Langley-Finnegan, Maureen Shul, Kerri Norris, and Rosanne Lumsden)

by Terri Wiebold

School zones are a particularly busy area of roadway traffic and drivers must exercise extreme caution when traveling on roadways near schools, especially during the hours before and after school.

Two local parents are spearheading an effort to improve safety at the crosswalks near Buffalo Ridge Elementary School (BRE). Kerri Norris and Rosanne Lumsden say they have seen their fair share of “close calls” and think it is time to re-evaluate the safety of the crosswalks near the school.

“I have seen cars not even slow down when approaching the crosswalk,” said Norris. “I even witnessed a car drive around a child who was only half way through the crosswalk. The things drivers do are unthinkable!”

Norris has been advocating change at the crosswalk on the corner of Monarch Boulevard and Oxford Drive for several years now. According to Norris, pursuing the issue with the County has led to many dead ends, and she is pleased to be making progress with the Master Association. “If Rosanne hadn’t e-mailed the Master Association directly about this issue, I am not sure progress would have ever been made,” said Norris. “I am so thankful she did – for the safety of the kids.”

Representatives from the Master Association safety committee have met with Norris and Lumsden, as well as with the school district. Further meetings with Douglas County and the Metro District are in the works to explore what traffic options are available to improve safety near the school. Send safety concerns to Contact by email.



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