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Busy Castle Pines resident fits in her passion for fashion

Linda Bulmer’s blend of entrepreneurial skills and her passion for fashion came together at Aspen Blu Boutique.

By Kay Bryant; photos courtesy of Linda Bulmer

Castle Pines resident Linda Bulmer has lived in 80108 since 2002.  As a wife and mother of four children (three are in college, the youngest at American Academy), Bulmer is one busy lady who also owns and runs her own business.  Bulmer began her career as a pediatric nurse and worked in the field for more than 15 years.  She originally came to Colorado from California as a traveling nurse, only planning to stay for a 13-week job at Children’s Hospital.  However, as life happens sometimes, she met her husband Don here, and she has never looked back.

Bulmer had always dreamed of opening her own boutique and often wondered how to get started and fit it in with her already busy lifestyle.  After being a stay-at-home mom for several years, Bulmer aspired to make her dream a reality by jumping in and trying out her entrepreneurial skills.  She became joint owner of a small shop selling home décor and fashion. Later on, she learned that fashion was her real passion.  Fast forward to July 2016, Bulmer most recently opened Aspen Blu Boutique, located in The Streets at SouthGlenn, focusing on the 30+ fashionista. offers a thoughtful top eight list of entrepreneurial skills for success.  Resiliency, focus, long term investment, people-management, selling, learning, self-reflection and self-reliance.  Bulmer frequently uses all of these skills and is continuously learning and growing.

When Bulmer is not spending time outdoors with her family hiking, biking, fishing or horseback riding, she attends trade shows to keep up on new fashions and to meet manufacturers.  Researching trends is also a business focus along with learning what women are interested in; even though she appears to already have a great fashion sense!  She even discovered there is lingo associated with the fashion industry.  Her greatest joy from her business is working with her four employees.

Bulmer is an upbeat, positive lady whose greatest joy from her business is working with her four employees.  She is certainly an inspiration and example to anyone wanting to become a business owner and manage all the other wonderful things in life, like family time!

Linda’s first passion is her family (Brandon, Linda, Don, Allie, Tyler and Katie).




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