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Can You Hear Us Better Now? Cellular Coverage Improves in CPN

T-Mobile to Join CPN Cellular Upgrades

T-Mobile is improving cellular phone service to the CPN community by installing a new 45-foot “monopine” tower disguised as a pine tree, similar to the one pictured on the left.

Area Development Manager for T-Mobile, Darcy Rushing-Estes, is working with the Douglas County Planning, Zoning and Building Departments to obtain approval and begin construction of the tower. She anticipates completion of the new tower in late March or early April 2006. “We hope to improve service and reduce dropped calls,” said Rushing-Estes, and the concealed design will help the tower blend into the surrounding area.

The new tower will house T-Mobile equipment but also will have “co-locate” availability. This means that the potential exists for other providers to also improve service in the future by utilizing the existing monopine without building additional towers.

The Metro District Office, located at the corner of Yorkshire Drive and Castle Pines Parkway, was selected as the site for the new tower location because it is a high spot in the area, ideal for improved coverage. According to Jim McGrady, District Manager of the CPN Metro District, accommodating this site generates revenue for the community, but more importantly – it provides added conveniences and improved service for residents of CPN.

New Cingular Tower at Sanctuary Golf Course

Residents in Castle Pines North and surrounding areas may be experiencing improved Cingular wireless phone coverage this year. A new 32-foot cellular site was added adjacent to the maintenance facilities at the Sanctuary Golf Course in late November, 2005.

Cingular worked with residents and local businesses in the area to find a solution to the challenges posed by the hilly terrain. They determined that existing sites within the Castle Pines communities were not providing adequate coverage to the low-lying areas to the south, southwest and southeast of the golf course; however, enhanced wireless service could be available if an additional site was added.

The combined efforts of Cingular and the Information Technology Department of RE/MAX International identified the Sanctuary Golf Course as the best potential site. The co-owners of RE/MAX International, Dave and Gail Liniger, own the land and built the golf course in 1997 to host charity functions. The Linigers are responsible for granting the easement for Cingular to build a new tower on that particular site.

Thanks to all parties involved, residents are now enjoying improved voice and data service on Cingular’s GSM/GPRS network in their neighborhoods.



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