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Castle Pines book club meets Denver author

Local Women, Words and Wine book club had the opportunity to meet with local author of “The Bookseller” Cynthia Swanson, pictured fourth from the left, on February 16 to discuss her novel.  The Bookseller will become available in paperback on March 22.  The Castle Pines book club is comprised of 10 women who meet regularly to discuss books and occasionally meet with a favorite author.

Article and photo by Amanda Merriman; photo courtesy of Suzi Scott

On February 16, a Castle Pines community book club named Women, Words and Wine met with Denver author Cynthia Swanson to discuss her first published novel, “The Bookseller.”   The meeting was set up by one of the book club’s founding members, Suzi Scott.

Scott, a long-time resident in the Castle Pines area is a voracious reader and an enthusiastic supporter of Douglas County Libraries.  Scott became involved with the book club (originally called the Empty Nesters Book Club) in 2008.  Over time, the book club has evolved into a smaller, more intimate group of 10 women who meet at each other’s homes.

The group recently rechristened themselves  “Women, Words and Wine.”  The book club enjoys many genres, including historical fiction and works from local authors.  Occasionally, Women, Words and Wine will forgo traditional book club meetings for outings to movies adapted from books, and meeting with renowned authors such as Lisa See and most recently, Denver author Cynthia Swanson.

On February 16, Women, Words and Wine book club met Swanson at the very coffee shop she spent time writing “The Bookseller” to discuss the novel.  Scott was able to arrange this meeting with Swanson when they spoke at a recent donor event for the Douglas County Libraries.  At the coffee shop, Swanson shared her inspiration for The Bookseller, which was born from her random thought, “What am I doing in this life?”

Swanson also shared insight into her writing process, discussed aspects of her novel, and spoke of how the book club she belongs to has impacted her life.  Swanson stated that the book club she has been a part of for the past 15 years has expanded her horizons as a reader and she feels grateful for this.  Scott noted that the book club thought meeting Swanson was “very interesting and informative” and that it was a “great discussion enjoyed by all the ladies.”   The book club especially enjoyed Swanson’s candor about her writing process and inspiration, and stated they will look forward to reading Swanson’s next novel, which is currently in the works.  The book club ladies generously presented Swanson with a gift basket to show appreciation for her time.

Head over to The Bibliophiliac’s Corner in this month’s Connection (see page 14) to read more about The Bookseller.  Visit Swanson’s website at to find links to purchase the novel, which will also become available in paperback on March 22.

Gathered around an iPad, members of the Women, Words, and Wine book club Skyped with renowned author Lisa See, following the reading of her book “China Dolls.



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