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Castle Pines North Association board recommends dissolution

By Carin R. Kirkegaard

After 35 years, the Castle Pines North Association (Master Association) board of directors will recommend that the community-wide homeowner association dissolve. The recommendation, explaining the reasons in favor of and against dissolution, will be made to each sub-association delegate at the annual delegate meeting held on November 14. The meeting will take place at 6 p.m. at the Douglas County Libraries – Castle Pines.

In a statement issued by the board of directors of the Master Association (MA), community manager Kim Maguire stated that the board is “committed to ensuring that upon dissolution and wrapping up the affairs of the Master Association, the funds remaining in the Master Association will be disbursed to the sub-associations to benefit the owners who have paid dues to the Master Association over the years.”

Since its inception in October 1984, the MA has been the governing body that represented all the individual neighborhoods that comprise the 34 sub-associations. Its mission is to enhance the quality of life for those living in what was then Castle Pines North.

Evidence of the many hours contributed by volunteers to the MA can be found sprinkled throughout the City of Castle Pines history. Before the city was established in 2008, the MA was the unifying body for the community. As part of unincorporated Douglas County, members representing the MA were the community’s advocate at the county table.

Homeowners serviced by the MA pay annual dues. Over the years, the bill has gone from more than $200 a year to $40, what homeowners currently pay. In the beginning, the majority of the annual bill went toward future park construction. The remaining monies went to support neighborhood communications, advocacy efforts and events.

Once incorporated as a city, the role of the MA evolved. Most of the parks are managed by the Castle Pines North Metropolitan District. City of Castle Pines officials now fill the role of advocate, as well as disseminate communication. The bulk of the community-wide events are put on by the City and the Castle Pines Chamber of Commerce. Currently, MA dues go toward community garage sales, concerts in the park, and to support efforts spearheaded by these other entities.

In this support role, the MA has been able to gift $50,000 toward the library in Castle Pines, as well as $10,000 toward the construction of the new sport court at Elk Ridge Park. It has also been a supporting sponsor of many of the community events, while continuing to host a summer concert series and community-wide garage sales every summer.

In a joint letter sent to the MA in August from the City of Castle Pines and the Castle Pines North Metropolitan District, both entities advocated on behalf of the dissolution effort. “We recognize that dissolution of the Master Association presents challenges and will take time; however, we stand behind our belief that now it is time to begin that process.”

Following the annual delegate meeting on November 14, each sub-association delegate will solicit input from homeowners to determine how to vote on the recommendation to dissolve the MA. Then, there will be another meeting where the vote to dissolve will take place. This meeting is anticipated to occur after the first of the year.

To learn more about the dissolution, email Maguire at To voice an opinion, contact information for the delegates to the MA can be found at



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