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Castle Pines North Metro District Sets Water Restrictions for 2006

by Lane Roberts

Water restrictions in Castle Pines North will begin on May 1. All residents will receive a water restrictions postcard.

The Castle Pines North Metro District has implemented mandatory water restrictions since 2003. The circle, diamond, square third day watering program helps manage water supply and also helps conserve water. Water restrictions also stagger watering to meet peak demands during the irrigation season.

Since 2004, the Metro District has utilitzed a water budget during the irrigation season. The water budget rate structure is designed to provide each customer with enough water to sustain normal indoor use and meet basic landscape needs during irrigation season, while promoting conservation of water. The water budget rate structure assigns each customer a monthly allotment of water based on the customer’s lot size.

To calculate a water budget based on a specific lot size, please contact Janet Burnham at 303-688-8550, or e-mail

More details about water restrictions and the water budget can be found at



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