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Castle Pines North Metro District Summer Project Update

Information provided by the Castle Pines North Metro District

July 30, 2007

The Castle Pines North Metro District is sending you this brief update on activity that you may be noticing in your neighborhood. In addition to supplying continual behind-the-scenes water, wastewater and storm water infrastructure services, the District maintains recreational and aesthetic amenities enjoyed by residents and visitors to our community. We hope that this information will answer any questions that you may have.

1. Tree Planting

The Metro District has just completed the planting of 83 trees, replacing some which had been planted several years ago and had since died. The other new trees were placed to fill empty spaces in other locations. This maintenance enhances the beauty of entry ways and roadways. Not only do trees aid in a healthy ecosystem, but they add value to properties within the District.

2. Native Grass Mowing

Expect to see mowing activity beginning in the native areas primarily along walking trails and those houses with fences that adjoin Metro District Open Space. A five-foot swath will be cut along the 14 miles of trails. These grass areas will be integrated into a long-term maintenance plan and are being mowed three times per year to help control weed infestations. A third and final mowing will take place after the first frost.

3. Retreat Park Playground

All of the old playground equipment has been removed and is being replaced with new custom designed equipment as you read this. The installation of the new equipment is anticipated to be complete by the end of August. Additional improvements to the Retreat Park Playground include a new pavilion, picnic tables, drinking fountains and trash receptacles.

4. New Park Restrooms

The Metro District is in the process of gaining approval from Douglas County to install a new restroom at the Retreat Park, Daniel’s Gate Park and Coyote Ridge (lower) Park. The District is working with those homeowners most likely to be impacted by the restrooms. Final plans for the new restrooms are currently undergoing review by Douglas County. Their approval, and potential recommendations, will dictate the timeline for completion of the structures. Some landscaping is planned to surround the restrooms so they will blend in with the existing parks.

5. Ongoing Maintenance

The second of three applications of fertilizer is being applied to all turf grasses.
A topdressing of mulch is being added to tree wells, flower gardens and center median areas.
Unsightly shrubs that have died, or show little to no growth, are being replaced in common areas.
Weed abatement control is being applied to our 450 acres of open space.

6. Water Consumption

Demand for water is averaging 3.5 million gallons per day during the month of July. With the addition of a 1-1/2 million gallon water tank several years ago, the District is able to supply and meet all demand for water consumption. The District wishes to thank those residents that have adhered to the recommended watering schedule sent earlier this spring. Remember to water in the early morning, or late evening.

7. Lighting

“Hat” lights, are those lights attached to the decorative masonry walls in areas such as entrances to subdivisions. With 126 of these lights distributed throughout the District, they are included in the routine maintenance program. Please call the Metro District office at 303-688-8550 to report any outages that you may notice. IREA is responsible for replacing burned out streetlights mounted on poles; they may be reached at 303-688-3100.

8. Chemical Round-Up

Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 22, to dispose of any hazardous household waste materials that you may have accumulated. This annual event is hosted by the Town of Castle Rock and Tri-County Health for residents of Douglas County. For more information on the wide variety of items accepted please visit
&SectionID=-1. A representative of the Castle Pines North Metro District will be on site.

For any questions, or concerns, with any of the issues addressed above, please contact the District office at 303-688-8550.



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