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Castle Pines: The amazing view from up here

From one day to the next: Castle Pines photographer Julie Lamb took these breathtaking shots in Daniels Park last month on a sunny day, and just 24 hours later captured a more wintry scene.  Lamb, who often affixes the hashtag “#colorado beauty” to work she posts on social media, is captivated by Daniels Park and the mountain view it affords.

By Lisa Crockett; photos courtesy of Julie Lamb

Winter in Colorado.  It’s like the proverbial box of chocolates; you just never know what you’re going to get.  Weather in this place we call home is always unpredictable, and that is especially true during the winter months.  But as the weather changes, one thing stays constant.  This place affords some spectacular views; nature’s glory is on full display no matter what the seasonal conditions are.

For many of us though, that view goes unappreciated, lost in the hustle and bustle of the everyday.  For local photographer Julie Lamb, however, the regular carpool routine she follows most days when taking her kids – high school senior Nick, eighth grader Patrick, and sixth grader Emma – to school at Rocky Heights and Rock Canyon is anything but drudgery.  Instead, it’s time to soak in the view.  She has some favorite spots around town, but her most beloved is Daniels Park.

“The view is different every time I’m there,” said Lamb. “I love the animals, and I could take photos of the barn everyday, but I think what really brings me back is the way the light hits the mountains.”

That love for the mountains has developed into something of a habit for Lamb, who can be found in Daniels Park several days a week with her camera in hand.  Last month, she snapped a few pictures on a mild day with sunny skies and comfortable temperatures.  The very next morning, the ground was covered with snow, a frosty winter wonderland.

“That day, I knew it would be something special up there,” said Lamb. “It was interesting to me to see what the changes would be from one day to the next. When I drove by the next day it was a totally different scene as the weather had changed dramatically.  The horses were still playing and the buffalo still grazing but no sign of the mountains due to the fog.”

Lamb, who received her first camera as a young child, has spent a lifetime developing her eye for detail and an aesthetic sensibility inherited from her mother, an artist.  She now practices her craft photographing local kids and families for portraits, and as an event photographer for local gatherings and celebrations including the Douglas County School District’s Apple Awards.

“I’ve always taken pictures and I love to share them,” said Lamb.  “Taking family photos or senior photos, sharing the photos I’ve taken here, it brings me a lot of joy.”

The photos featured here were Julie’s gift to friends and family.  She posted them on social media, creating a bit of a buzz about not only the contrast of weather conditions from one day to the next, but also the picturesque beauty that exists here in Castle Pines every day of the year.

“I love the mountains and the views here,” said Lamb. “My kids sometimes get tired of me saying ‘Look at that!  Do you see that?’ but some days the sky, or the mountains, or the light are just so incredible.”

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