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Castle Rock November Ballot Issues

The town of Castle Rock has two November ballot issues that will interest Castle Pines North residents. Some CPN residents may have received flyers explaining these ballot issues and expect to vote on them in November. Although CPN has a Castle Rock mailing address the community is part of unincorporated Douglas County and is not eligible to vote on these issues. However, the outcome of these two ballots issues may interest those CPN residents who find their way south to Castle Rock for shopping or other reasons.

Similar to the state vote on Referenda C and D, the town of Castle Rock will vote on the town’s $5 million dollar TABOR surplus. Castle Rock residents will be able to vote in November to either let the town keep the $5 million dollar surplus, or refund its citizens. According to a report to council members, without keeping the TABOR surplus, Castle Rock will be unable to complete capital improvements or maintain existing levels of services such as police and recreation.

The other issue up for a vote concerns the Regional Transportation District (RTD). Currently, most of Castle Rock is not in the RTD district. Areas that are pay .7% more in sales tax. There is no clear delineation of which areas of Castle Rock pay the increased tax. Right now the city is a patchwork where merchants on one side of the street pay more sales tax and those on the other side don’t. The November vote will allow Castle Rock to decide to be either all in or all out of RTD.

Regardless of the outcome in November, CPN is not in the RTD district. However, Front Range Express (FREX) is looking into the possibility of serving the CPN community.



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