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CC-20 Developer Looks to Next Year

by Lisa Crockett

After extensive work on infrastructure and drainage, models for town homes and patio homes on “CC-20” – the land at the northwest corner of Castle Pines Parkway and Monarch Boulevard – could be ready for public tours by late this year or early next year.

“Some of the timing will depend on market conditions, but we’re moving forward on this project,” said Margaret Barden, Public Processing Manager for Village Homes.

When the subdivision, which has yet to be named, is complete, there will be 20 patio homes and 27 town homes.

The commercial area of the development occupies the southern half of the land and will commence construction after residential construction has begun. Most occupants of the commercial area are still unknown, though Douglas County Library District is seeking a large space in the development and has signed a letter stating their intent for a library to come to CPN.

“Other than the library, we’re not ready to announce the tenants in the area yet, but we’ve had a lot of interest in this property,” said Bill Jenkins, who represents the Laramie Company on the project.

The businesses that have expressed an interest in the property include a daycare center, restaurant, nail salon, hair salon, and fitness studio.

“This is a special spot,” said Jenkins. “We’re looking to be strategic and find things that will be a good fit for both the merchants and the community. We want an eclectic mix of stores that are mostly local or regional – no fast-food chains or convenience stores.”

Village has built homes similar to the CC-20 homes at Idyllwilde, a Village development in Paker. For details, visit



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