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Celebrating a friend to us all

Tim Gamble takes his place among royalty, seated here at an event at Cherolkee Ranch and Castle.  Tim’s contributions to the Castle Pines community are priceless, and a recent medical scare has reminded us how special Tim Gamble is to us all.  An account has been established at FirstBank for those who wish to contribute to help with unexpected medical expenses.

Article and Photos by Terri Weibold

Welcome back, dear friend!

If the pages of The Castle Pines Connection seem a little brighter this issue, it is not because we are using a new printing vendor or a whiter stock of paper, it is because (after a recent medical scare) the creative lifeblood of the paper has returned.  The artistic inspiration for much of what goes into The Castle Pines Connection comes from the imagination of one amazing man … Tim Gamble.

If you have attended a community gathering in Castle Pines in the past two decades, you have probably seen Tim; perhaps not in person, but certainly through the lens of his camera capturing the event.  Tim is a photographer, webmaster, graphic designer, husband to Sandy, father to Jeremy, and friend to all.

Tim has lived a more colorful and adventurous life than most of us could ever dream of.  Just ask him – he always has an anecdote to share and the tales of his life are truly riveting.  His brand of humor is one-of-a kind, and he shares his wisdom and self-taught talents freely with anyone who asks and anyone willing to listen.

As fate would have it, Tim and his family landed in the KnightsBridge neighborhood of Castle Pines North nearly 23 years ago, and are still happy to call it home.

Tim has dedicated more hours of his time to serving the interests of the greater Castle Pines community than arguably any resident volunteer out there.  He has served on HOA boards, worked for the CPN Master Association, has tirelessly helped to promote the local business community through his unique style of branding, and he is the guru of all things creative in the community newspaper, and has been since its inception as a small HOA newsletter more than ten years ago.

In all this, Tim has given very generously of his time and talents, and anyone who has ever worked with Tim – and there are many – would speak to his generosity.

Tim recently had what he called a “dance with destiny,” which led to a several week stay in the ICU recovering from a near-fatal bout of pneumonia.

Never have I experienced such outreach from people as those wanting to help this man who has given so much of himself.  A benefit was in the works to raise money for the Gamble’s unexpected medical expenses, but was cancelled due to the recent fires threatening the community, along with the city’s Independence Day celebration.

Special thanks to all who worked on that effort, and to the many more who have contacted me and asked how they could help.  A benefit fund has been established at FirstBank in Castle Pines (inside Safeway) for anyone who wishes to contribute financially.  Individuals can make a donation by mail (FirstBank, PO BOX 150097 Lakewood, CO 80215-9981) or in person at ANY FirstBank location.  No account number is needed, just note that the contribution is for the Tim Gamble Benefit Fund and they will take care of the rest.  Donations can also be made anonymously.

If Tim has touched you in some way and you want to thank him personally, or if you would like to share your thoughts, experiences, or stories about Tim, please email

The Castle Pines Connection monthly team meetings were just not the same without the comic relief and creative inspiration of Tim Gamble.  Several staff members gathered following the May meeting to send this message to Tim.  Pictured above, back row, left to right:  Chris Bonham, Kathy Dunker, Julie Montoya, Cindy Cranstone, Amy Shanahan and Karissa Kelly.  Front row left to right:  Lisa Cockett, Terri Wiebold and Liz West.


Thanks to all who have written in to share your thoughts and stories about Tim!

“Without Tim’s fantastic artwork for [Rock Canyon High School Drama Department] posters, including The Crucible, Grease, Bad Seed, and Once Upon A Mattress, among others, I’m sure that the plays at RCHS would not be so well-attended. He has a great knack for creating compelling designs that make people want to see the show.”     – Cindy Baker, Rock Canyon High School

“I would like to extend a personal thank you to the insurance adjuster who stopped by the Gamble home that afternoon and called 911, saving the life of a remarkable man, my mentor and dear friend, Tim.”     – Terri Wiebold, editor

“The two things that I think of when I think of Tim Gamble are his unique brand of humor, but also the incredible stories and wisdom that he has as well.  He sat me down after he learned that I’m going to college for Communications and he told me some of his life story. He told me so many profound, yet simple concepts that I’d never heard before, all mixed in with his humor and wit.”     – Chris Bonham

“Tim has never hesitated to take as much time as is necessary to help me even if it took a LOOOONG time!”  – Lisa Crockett

“Tim is unconditionally generous with his time, guidance and help.  The word “no” is not in his vocabulary.  He is like a teddy bear full of love and kindness.  Tim tells stories like know one else.  His ability to make me laugh, in this very serious world, is completely appreciated.  I absolutely adore Tim.”     – Elean Gersack

“When I think of Tim, I think of him being a great story teller, joke teller and he has a genuine good heart.  He makes me laugh.  He is a good soul.”     – Lianne Davis

“I remember the very first staff meeting I went to, and coming home and just telling my parents all about Tim.  I was sitting next to him, and he was just making me feel very comfortable.  He kept making me laugh and he’s just such a nice guy.  I remember telling my parents something like, “There’s this one guy, Tim, who takes the pictures [and I didn’t know all the other things he did at the time] and he’s my favorite …  I love him!  He was so laid back and very funny and so nice to me…” and I’m sure I said many more things!  It’s true, Tim is the kind of person I love to be around.  I hope to get to know him better.     – Karissa Kelly

“Tim is very generous and Tim is great to work with.  He does great ad designs, tweaking them until they are just right, and gets them back to me very quickly.  He makes my job run smoothly and I so appreciate him.  I hope you have some funny photos of our Tim, because Tim is VERY FUNNY!”     – Liz West

“When I think of Tim, I immediately think of his big smile.  He has such an easy-going demeanor, always has great stories to share, and always has a smile on his face.  He’s also the most responsive and creative person EVER!  If I ask anything of him, he gets right back to me, and the result of his work is always fabulous!”     – Amy Shanahan

“Tim impresses me as a no-nonsense guy who listens acutely.  If you haven’t got your idea well thought-out, don’t go to Tim.  Has a welcoming and knowing style.  A fellow whose been there and done that.  A twinkle in his eye.  A vast resource of talent and predictive skills.”    – Joe Gschwendtner

“He has a kind and gentle way about him.  Tim loves to share stories and it is the twinkle in his eye that lets you know that you are in for a good one!!  He is the kind of friend that you can call at 3:00 in the morning and he will be there for you—no questions asked.  Oh yeah—and I can’t forget his magical talents with the camera and Photoshop—he can take my picture, “soften it up” and I look 29 again!!”    – Cindy Cranstone

“Tim is very generous and giving of his time and his talents and has helped me immensely.  Always checking on me to make sure I am doing okay with the layout and not overwhelmed.  He is incredibly smart and self-taught…I am amazed at how much he knows about design, Photoshop, computers…the list goes on and on and I could go on and on about him. He is a great man and wonderful to work with.”    – Patte Smith

“Tim is a very sweet man with a silly sense of humor.  He is all things camera!!  And, he’s happy to help.”     – Kathy Dunker



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