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Changing food trends

By Lisa Nicklanovich; photos courtesy of Rina Castanon

Photo of Xavier and Rina Castanon at one of their Super Bowl parties.

Xavier and Rina Castanon at one of their Super Bowl parties, where food is always front and center. Some of their favorites include salsa and chips, guacamole and chips, chicken wings, taquitos, mini tacos, queso dip, veggie platters, shrimp cocktail, egg rolls, cheese platters, and 4-layer Mexican dip.

Have you noticed an increase in your snacking this past year? Though snacks are nothing new, snacking more often and snacking healthier is.

The increase in snacking is due to a number of reasons. No doubt, everyone has been home more with easy access to the kitchen – all day long. The routine has changed and habits are evolving with the times, and it could also be nostalgia for a crowded sports event or gathering with friends.

Community residents Xavier and Rina Castanon have hosted a Super Bowl party for the last 11 years and are also in the business of selling snacks. Rina said, “Food to me makes a party, especially a Super Bowl gathering. I have noticed in all our football parties that no matter how much main entree food we have, our guests always finish the snacks. Classic snacks and appetizer plates are always a winner no matter what the outcome of the day. Football and snacking make a great gathering.”

“No matter how much main entree food we have, our guests always finish the snacks.”

Xavier has noticed a few trends over the years: “Snacking is increasing each year because young people seem to be snacking more and having meals less often. They are spreading their calorie intake over the day versus having meals three times a day.” Xavier said younger folks are focused on smaller portion sizes and that snacking is healthier. “Less processed stuff and more organic fruit and vegetables, nuts, and proteins are very popular. I sell lots of beef jerky, cut fruit and protein bars, and fewer candy bars and chips now than I did 10 years ago,” Xavier noted.

“When it comes to snacking and football, I don’t think eating healthy is as big a deal. Watching football with a group of friends tends to lean more toward indulgent food. Pizza, wings, chicken, hamburgers and sandwiches still dominate because they taste good and are very affordable. Folks tend to watch what they eat during the workweek and cut loose on a weekend,” Xavier added.

Rina exclaimed, “This year we will be missing the company of our great friends, but the spirit will be there. We will still have the excitement and thrill of watching the playoffs and the big game as well as snacking on all the classic snacks that we love and plenty of it.”

Photo of Decorative sign in the Castanon’s home.

Decorative sign in the Castanon’s home. Food plays a big part in social gatherings, especially during football!



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