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City encourages use of “Castle Pines” in correspondence

By Lisa Crockett

Darrick Fehringer owns the Papa Murphy’s franchise in Castle Pines. Accordingly, when Fehringer lists his business online, mails a letter, or places an advertisement, he uses “Castle Pines” as the business’ address.  
“When we use ‘Castle Pines’ we feel that it helps clear up confusion,” said Fehringer. “Castle Pines is its own community and we’re proud to support it.”

Papa Murphy’s is a relatively new business in the area, so using the city’s name was more or less automatic.  Other residents and entities, including long-established businesses and schools in the area have historically used “Castle Rock” in their addresses because before the city was established, that was the designation given by the U.S. Postal Service.

“Castle Pines has been an established city long enough now that we’re working to give our local businesses greater visibility,” said Kim Newcomer, who represents Slate Communications, the City of Castle Pines communications firm. “By using ‘Castle Pines,’ we are further sharing who we are as a community.  This really is about helping people understand who we are and what we have to offer here.”

The City has enlisted the help of the Castle Pines Chamber of Commerce in getting the word out to the business community by encouraging them to support the effort to bolster cohesion and recognition for Castle Pines.  “We are helping the city work on branding and imaging,” said Carla Kenny, vice president of the Castle Pines Chamber of Commerce.  to have “An important part of that is businesses identify themselves as part of our community.”

Castle Pines Mayor Jeff Huff agreed, pointing out that in addition to identity and clarity, a “Castle Pines” designation on correspondence and online materials can sometimes help the city garner “Best Of” recognition awards given by local and national publications and websites.  In late 2014, Huff noticed that Castle Pines had been passed over for recognition as a “Best Place for Young Families” by the website After speaking with editors for the site, he learned that because addresses listed for schools and businesses here often included “Castle Rock” rather than “Castle Pines,” the City of Castle Rock got credit for some amenities available exclusively in Castle Pines.  These recognitions are important because they often influence real estate buying decisions for homeowners, and can also attract new businesses to the area.  Additionally, the listing may have potential e-commerce implications in allocating which governmental agencies receive tax dollars for online purchases.

“When a business owner chooses to locate in Castle Pines, they make a substantial investment in the community,” said Huff.  “Potential customers, future residents, and other businesses want to know what services and amenities are available in the city.  The business community and the residents will benefit from a consistent message emphasizing that Castle Pines is a great place to live, work, and run a successful business.”



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