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City of Castle Pines welcomes a new city manager

City of Castle Pines new City Manager Ted Soltis.

By Kathy Dunker with photo courtesy of Ted Soltis

Born on the East Coast, but a westerner at heart, new City Manager Ted Soltis is a welcome addition to the City of Castle Pines. Soltis moved to Castle Pines to accept the position in the middle of September with his wife of 27 years, Susan, and two sons Benjamin 13, and Caleb 11. Soltis also has a 19-year-old daughter, Anna, who is attending college in Virginia.

With a bachelors degree in political science from Montana State University (MSU) and a masters degree in public administration, Soltis moved to Georgetown, Colorado in 1993 where he became a full-time town administrator. Soltis remarked, “I went to work after receiving my undergraduate degree instead of jumping right into a master’s program. My goal was to get management experience, which I did, in the hospitality industry in Virginia. Working in the private sector taught me the importance of customer service, which I use in government. I constantly look for ways to make improvements.”

In addition to 14 years in management, Soltis spent six years as a teacher in Changsha, China where he and his wife taught English at the Hunan Taxation College. Says Soltis, “Ironically, while I went to China when I’d lost my passion for government, it was experiences we had in China that also re-ignited that spark. When I started looking for public administration positions back in the US, I looked in Colorado, as we had enjoyed living here and had good friends here. I was happy to accept a position as town manager back in Colorado in 2007.”

Making a change this year, Soltis commented about his move to the City of Castle Pines: “As a fairly new city, I thought Castle Pines could benefit from my strengths; I am good at foundation building, am quick to see the big picture, and work hard to achieve identified goals. I’ve been commended by various people I’ve worked with on projects for my ability to problem solve and to persevere, which I also believed would be of benefit in Castle Pines.”

Not a seat warmer, Soltis plans to get busy working with the city council and the citizens to identify city goals. As Soltis said, “In spite of the frustrating number of rules and regulations that hinder government, I do my best and encourage staff to do their best, to be as helpful as possible. Every municipality has its challenges, but with the support and assistance of council, staff, and the citizens of Castle Pines, I know Castle Pines can continue to grow as a healthy, vibrant community!”




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